Professional Roof Repair

It may not always be a viable option to replace your entire roof, no matter how many leaks there are, simply because you may not have enough money in your budget. A water intrusion has to be stopped and your building’s interior has to be protected. Repairing a roof will be a much more attractive alternative to trying to replace or recover the entire system. However, there are some things you should take into consideration.

The first step should always be to find out what you have. If there is a warranty in place, it will let you know who the manufacturer is and the kind of roofing system that you have installed. If there is no warranty, or you are unable to find the information, nor do you know the kind of roof that you have, the contractor or a consultant will be able to help you properly identify the materials. There should also be core cuts done to help determine the roof membrane condition and the construction under the membrane. This will include insulation type, attachment, thickness, deck type, attachment, and a snapshot of the roofing materials and whether or not they are damp.

It s crucial that you make sure leaks are coming from the roof. Not every leak will come from the roofing membrane. They can actually be a result of the problems with windows, parapet walls, plumbing, rooftop mechanical units and any other sources that are disguised as roof leaks. After they have been eliminated as a cause, you need to walk the rest of the roof looking for possible locations of roof membrane leaks.

Generally, most leaks will occur with penetration and base flashings instead of the field of the roof. You need to look for blisters, cuts, punctures, scrapes or cracks in the membrane, especially around downspouts and drains. After the locations of possible leaks are identified, you can then go on to the next step, which includes determining whatever problems may be solved by repairs, the repairs that you need, and how they should be conducted, as well as what should be done if you cannot repair the roof.

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