Roof Leak Repair

Whether it be after a rainstorm or heavy snow, every homeowner has heard the elusive dripping sound of water coming from their attic. It can definitely be alarming when you see water coming through the ceiling into the living areas of your home, but it’s important to remember that almost all roof leaks can be repaired by a licensed contractor. Roof leaks don’t happen overnight, unless there has been some intense weather damage. Usually roof leaks are a result of water getting through a weak point in the roof and starting a chain reaction of slow decay that will eventually lead to dripping water inside of your home. If you have water coming through the ceiling or even have a suspicion that your roof may be leaking it’s important to get an inspection done right away.

Signs to watch out for

1) One of the first and most obvious signs of a roof leak is water staining on the ceiling. Most ceiling stains are easy to spot because they have a dark color and are often ringed with black or brown. Sometimes they may be harder to spot, which is why it’s important to take a look after a rainstorm to see if there are any discolored areas.

2) Dripping is another easy indication that your roof is leaking. Dripping may not always be the classic drops from the ceiling that require a pot or bucket. Water can creep down walls and work itself into unusual areas. If you see signs of moisture but they seem to go away after a couple of days it’s still beneficial to have your roof and attic checked out by a professional.

3) Water spots on your exterior walls are a strong indication your roof is leaking. Take a walk around your home, and pay special attention to the areas where the the roof meets the exterior walls. If there are stains or spots that appear mossy or rotten you may have a problem with the roof leaking. These signs can also indicate your downspouts are not working properly or the gutter is backed up somewhere causing overflow.

4) While having mossy walls may make your house look beautiful in a rustic way, it can point to the presence of excess moisture. As mentioned above, a problem with downspout placement or a backup in the gutter can cause an enormous amount of excess water that has nowhere to go. While a mossy or moldy exterior doesn’t directly affect the inside of your home it can point to a serious issue with how water is being diverted away from your roof.

5) Seeing pieces of shingles or roofing debri in your downspouts is another important thing to watch out for. What this means is that somewhere on your roof there is a damaged shingle or several that need immediate attention. When there is a weak point in the shingles that is basically an open invitation for water to leak into the attic.

When reading these tips keep in mind that even though these are all things you can look out for and inspect yourself as the homeowner it is still paramount that you get your roof and attic checked out by a professional roofing contractor. Our team has the experience and the manpower to get any roof repairs done quickly, so give us a call today!