Wind Damage Roof Repair in Colorado Springs and Surrounding Areas

Extreme weather events happen daily around the country and the world. While it seems like when we turn on the news that the places experiencing extreme weather are far away, we should always be prepared when those events happen to us in our own backyard. Over the years our experienced team at True Mountain Roofing has seen the horrendous damage that wind, hail, and exposure can do to a roof if problems are not taken care of right after a storm. That’s why we offer wind damage roof repair in Colorado Springs.

Unless it is extremely forceful, most homeowners do not see wind as something to worry about during or after a storm. But even if there is no rain or hail associated with a storm your roof can still become weakened over time. This is why it is important to get a thorough inspection after every major weather event and take care of repairs right away.

How does wind damage your roof?


Professional roofers take great care to ensure roofing materials are installed correctly and are placed in a way to survive years of weather exposure. That being said, wind and water both have a tendency to chip away at the integrity of your roof little by little. When wind moves over your roof it is usually gusting, and it’s not traveling with any sort of predictable pressure or speed. What that means is that there are high-stress areas on your roof that are more impacted than others by the wind.

Wind is notorious for lifting shingles by one loose corner and gradually pulling up all the shingles in that area of your roof. Colorado Springs is notorious for strong winds, so it’s only a matter of time you’ll need wind damage roof repairs. Once shingles are removed it leaves the underside of your roof susceptible to water damage and mold. To prevent most wind damage and to make sure your roof is built to withstand the test of time talk to your roofing contractor about the weather conditions in your area and express any concerns you may have.

What can True Mountain Roofing do for you?

If you suspect your roof has maintained wind damage or any other type of damage the best thing would be to call in our team at True Mountain roofing for a thorough inspection. Our team will work through a multi-faceted checklist to determine any repairs that need to happen. Some of those checklist items are as follows.

-Outdoor inspection:

This will involve both a visual ground inspection and a more comprehensive inspection of the roof itself. What the contractor is looking for are any signs of a wind-damaged roof in Colorado Springs such as shingles that are curled, cracked or torn. The checklist will also cover the flashing, gutters, chimneys, and any vents.

-Indoor inspection:

If there are any signs of wind or water penetration during the outdoor inspection it will most definitely necessitate and indoor inspection. During the indoor inspection what the contractor is looking for among other things are colored moisture marks, peeling paint and any damp areas in the attic. The attic will be the first place any sort of leakage will happen, so as the homeowner be sure to take a look after any kind of storm for dripping water and damp rafters.